Statement of Congressman Dan Benishek (MI-01)

Mar 15, 2011 Issues: Budget and Spending, Economy and Jobs

WASHINGTON, DC:  Congressman Dan Benishek (MI-01) today released the following statement:

“Our country is facing a serious financial crisis and has a structural spending deficit with no end in sight.  Addressing this crisis requires a very serious approach to reducing spending and forcing the federal government to live within restraints. 

We cannot hope to see real job growth in Northern Michigan so long as federal deficits drown out private enterprise.

Those on the other side of the aisle, who suggest that a reduction of $6 billion is a reasonable compromise, are simply not serious and do not match the President’s stated claim ‘…to make the tough choices that get America’s fiscal house in order.’  Eliminating approximately just 1/7th of one percent of the entire federal budget—is anything but draconian. 

Some will argue that voting against this short-term spending bill is an endorsement of a government shutdown.  I am not in favor of a shutdown, rather I am in favor of—as I believe the majority of those I represent in the First District are— serious and significant reductions to federal spending.

These short-term continuing resolutions, with no end in sight, do not represent a real, substantial solution to reducing the deficit.  I did not come to Congress to continue to bankrupt my grandchildren’s future.  The time for ignoring the out-of-control federal spending has ended.” 

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