Dr. Benishek On Sequestration: “Washington Is Once Again Not Doing Its Job”

Mar 1, 2013 Issues: Budget and Spending

WASHINGTON, DC:  Dr. Dan Benishek (MI-01) today released the following statement regarding automatic federal spending reductions proposed by President Obama, known in Washington as sequestration:   

“Frankly, it’s very frustrating to see Washington once again fail to do anything about the problems our nation is facing.   In the House, we have passed two different common sense bills last year that would have replaced the president’s sequester with smarter spending reductions, but the Senate never acted on them.  They knew this mess was coming for over a year now and they have done nothing. 

Hard working taxpayers in Northern Michigan are fed up with seeing Washington move from one fiscal crisis to another.  This is no way to run the government and it is killing job growth right now. This keeps happening because the Senate and the White House have not put forward any responsible budget plan that get’s Washington’s spending under control.

We need a federal budget now.  It's time these guys in Washington get their act together and offer a plan to outline and prioritize the federal government’s spending for the next year and beyond.  I’ve supported reasonable budget plans in the House the last two years.  They might not be perfect, but at least these budgets are a plan.  And the American people deserve a plan.”

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