2012 Annual Report to Northern Michigan

“My main focus has been and will remain to support policies that will create jobs and allow our children and grandchildren to continue living and working in Northern Michigan.” -  Dr. Dan Benishek

The 2012 Annual Report outlines Dr. Dan Benishek’s second year in Congress.  The purpose of this document is to inform First District citizens about the votes, statements, and positions of their elected representative. 

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2012 Annual Report (PDF - Click Here)

Report By Section:

> Introduction (PDF- Click Here)

> I. Sponsored Legislation (PDF - Click Here)

> II. Cosponsored Legislation (PDF - Click Here)

> III. Committee Activities (PDF - Click Here)

> IV. Listening To Northern Michigan (PDF - Click Here)

> V. Official Communications (PDF - Click Here)

> VI. Constituent Correspondence (PDF - Click Here)

> VII. Constituent Casework (PDF - Click Here)

> VIII. Special Initiatives (PDF - Click Here)

> IX. Benishek ‘By The Numbers’ (PDF - Click Here)

> X. The New First District (PDF - Click Here)

> XI. Acknowledgements (PDF - Click Here)